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Combining Reiki With Chiropractic

Reiki and Chiropractic: Similarities and Differences

As both Reiki and chiropractic care involve moving energy that is stuck or not flowing properly in a person, combining these healing modalities can provide deep healing on both physical and emotional levels.

Similarities Between Reiki and Chiropractic

  • Just as Reiki is energy medicine, so is chiropractic.
  • Each is a method of introducing energy into a person’s body that will reorient and amplify the subject’s energy.
  • Each is a healing modality.
  • Each can transcend the conscious mind in order to access the subconscious where change happens more quickly.
  • Each modality seeks to address the areas of greatest tension or pain.
  • Each can be performed on a one-to-one basis.

Major Differences Between the Two Modalities

  • Reiki typically involves no or very light touching, whereas chiropractic is usually quite a hands on experience.
  • Reiki transmits energy through the auric field, while chiropractic uses the nervous system as a vehicle for transmission.

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